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Posted by rrockyf26 on October 29, 2008

Hey Viewers, here is a walkthrough for the Halloween Party 08!!!

So you first have to go to the Snow Forts to get your Halloween Basket so you can trick or treat!

Then Just walk over to the Snow Fort with the Blue Flag, and click on the flag. The Flag should lower then rise up as your first candy!

Now for your second candy bar, Go to the Dance Lounge

Click on the Lamp, The light should go on and then a candy corn appears!

Now for your third candy, Go to the Ski Lodge’s Attic and click on a blue box in the corner and a red lollipop will appear

The fourth candy is at the Plaza, click on the black couldren and a pink candy will appear!

For the Fifth Candy, Go to the cove and click on the “Swim at your own risk” Sign and a pumpkin will jump out behind it and land on the roof of the Surf Shack

Only 3 Candies left!

The sixth candy is at the Ice Burg, you have to click one of the six stars that makes your candy

For the Seventh Candy, you have to you have to go to the top of the Lighthouse and wait for three lightning flashes.

After the third Flash, A Caramel Apple will appear on the giant pumpkin, and that is your Seventh Candy!


To get your eigth and final candy, you must go to the book room and click the brown book untop of the shelves, It will open up revealing a Green Candy!

Now you have all eight candies, So you may now recieve your prize!

All you have to do is Click on your basket in the top right corner, it will bring up a blue box with an option to “claim prize”, click on it.

Just Click “Yes” and you now have a Giant Pumpkin Background!

Now here is what Club Penguin has been planning for us this whole year!

A secret Room!

Go to the Bookroom and Click the Green Candle!

All of a sudden thoose drawers lower down revealing a secret staircase!

Walk through the Opening and it brings you to MOSNTER MAKER 3000 ROOM!

Also there is the last Item to pick up in this room, Its a lantern!

Enjoy this Awesomely made party



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