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Dig Out the Dojo!

Posted by lopidilus on November 3, 2008

Sup Penguins!  Have you seen the dojo lately?  Well here’s a look.
You heard it here first!  There is now a path to the outside of the Dojo! Pick up a free mining helmet to help.  Outside of the Dojo, it looks like this.
For some reason, we are trying to dig out the dojo.  Who is that sketchy penguin you ask?  It is currently unknown who he is and why he is here.  Here’s what comes up if you click on him.
Strange, isn’t it?  The ninja story is slowly unraveling before us.  I can tell you one thing.  This guy is a ninja master, and has a lot to do with the recent ninja sightings.  Is that a gray color I see on him?  Be prepared for the release of it!  Like i told you in the previous post, he may be an upcoming Club Penguin character like Aunt Arctic, or Rockhopper.

Other News:
Club Penguin has changed their map!!  The places on it are now bulgier and more detailed.  The rooms are also placed a little differently too.  Personally, I like the old map better, but tell us what you think!

Please Comment!!!!


16 Responses to “Dig Out the Dojo!”

  1. javalava3 said

    good snooping dude yeah ive been there i thought it was strange at first but now im just drilllen so idk? but goood posts!

  2. LIAM said


  3. Koalalala said

    I love the new map and I sure hope they release the ninjas soon! What’s the criteria?

    Lop: I’m not sure yet, but I will post it as soon as I can and I may also make a blog page for it.

  4. Pigly Sue said

    HIS NAME IS NOT NIJAS! It has to be 6 letters!

  5. ?????? said

    Thanks for Helping dig out the Dojo. My name will be revealed soon!

  6. ?????? said

    thats right

  7. ?????? said

    just wait

  8. ?????? said

    towo words

  9. zmax said

    i like the new map better it’s cool

  10. Kepo3 said

    His Name might be Jin yee or something cuz there is 6 letters for jinyee


    Lop: Yeah, that’s a good guess. His name will probably be some sort of Asian Sensei name like that.
    You Rock Kepo! 😉

  11. Ive seen some people (other than ??????) with spades how do you get them

  12. Kacey said

    The ninja guys name is Gitche if you dont beilieve me you can ask him yourself he acually talks to you it is so fun to learn about him!!!

  13. courtney said

    ive asked why is he there and u can click on him but not do anything with him

  14. Stoony said

    I like the old map better too. also i saw a ninja running around behind the dojo. this was while they were digging it out too. i think it is just the start of ninja november. 🙂

  15. Kepo3 said

    You cant talk to him because I tried it and it didn’t work. But his name could be 2 words or one. But I cant wait until his name is revealed. I hope he is a new member like Rock Hopper and Aunt Arctic. I just love having new penguins added on. Keep on digging so we can see who his name is!!!!!!


  16. Kepo3 said

    If you go the ski hill you will see a ninja after a while.

    Lopidilus: Thanks Kepo!

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