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How to Get the Belts

Posted by lopidilus on November 17, 2008

Many of you have been wondering how to get the belts in Card Jitsu so I’ve made guide to show you how.

As you know, there are 9 belts.  They are ranked from least experienced to most experienced starting at the White Belt.

First off, you do not get a belt for winning only one match.  You only gain experience points from each match you win.  Once you gain enough experience points your belt rank will raise up one color.  There is currently no way to check your experience points, but expect there to be one in a little while.

There are three modes which you can play Card Jitsu.  Friend Mode, Competition Mode, and Sensei Mode.

Friend Mode: In this mode you can have a friendly competition with another penguin.  Just click on the blue mats in the Dojo to start.  You will gain minimun experience points for winning in this mode.

Competition Mode: Talk to Sensei and select this mode.  He will pair you up with another player of similar skill level to play against.  This is where you should go to earn the most experience points, although it is much tougher than Friend Mode.

Sensei Mode: You can challenge the Sensei whenever you want, even if you don’t have a belt!  I must warn you though, he is almost impossible to beat without the proper practice.  Also, if you defeat him when you have the Black Belt (level 9) he will reward you with special ninja items!

I hope this brief guide will assist you in becoming a Card Jitsu black belt, and most importantly becoming a ninja!




18 Responses to “How to Get the Belts”

  1. proskater18 said

    thank you i cant figure out this thing until i got on this web site!

  2. Cool! I will use this info to get a black belt.

  3. black belt WANTED said

    thnx man

  4. blueflame said

    i saw a ninja today in frozen, u can turn invisable

  5. blueflame said

    BUT ITS really dark
    i got a fever

  6. flame363 said

    this site is awesome thank you!

  7. shadowblack1 said

    im on yellow belt and i want the black belt!!!!!!!!!!

  8. how do u beat sensei he impossible

    Lopidilus: To beat Sensei, you have to be a black belt. Even though you can play him even without a single belt, you need the Black Belt for it to be a fair match. Keep trying! 😉

  9. atula said

    thnx! im only wite belt but ill advance……..someday:(

  10. Ashyyiscool said

    Hey, I’ve won heaps of rounds in a row! && It still wont give me another belt.

    I’m still on a white belt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Ashyyiscool said


  12. Ashyyiscool said

    YAY! I got a yellow belt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D

    Lopidilus: Good Job, keep going! 😉

  13. Ashyyiscool said

    You should put photos of the secret ninja room for people to see.

  14. cooldude said

    love the site and you should make pictures of
    the secret ninja room

  15. jon794 said

    In card jitsu my cards do not appear even though i have the card deck from sensei.How can i make my cards appear?Someone please tell me.Thank you.

    Lopidilus: Something may have gone wrong with Club Penguin’s database when Sensei gave you the starter deck. Try talking to him again and see if he’ll give you them. Also, check your inventory in the Rewards section just to check if you have the deck. If not, you should email the Club Penguin Support Staff and ask them for assistance. 😉

  16. mk said

    Hey thanks for the info but i still dont have a belt aghhhh

  17. snick624 said

    your ninja picture is fake thats not how my club penguin ninja looks

    Lopidilus: I know. That was an edit from a long time ago of what ninjas might look like.

  18. YerMaw said


    Jon u need to go into thee game with thee starter deck open 🙂

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