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Secret Ninja Hideout and How to Beat Sensei

Posted by lopidilus on November 20, 2008

Sup guys!  After many long hours of Jitsu, I have finally attained ninja status!


Before you become a ninja, you have to collect all the belts and then challenge Sensei, which I explained in more depth a few posts before.

How to Beat Sensei

Many of you have been wondering how to defeat Sensei after getting your Black Belt.  You may have gone against him multiple times and haven’t even scored a point.  That’s good because it is impossible to beat him until your tenth or so try.  After 5-10 matches of losing against him, HE WILL LET YOU WIN!  Try it!


Ninja Secret Hideout!

Are you not a ninja and have been dying to see what the hideout looks like?  Well look no more!


It’s a really cool place to hang out with fellow ninjas!  Speaking of fellow ninjas, look who I met….


Yup, it’s the original Beta Ninja…. Ninjaneal!!  I told him how to beat Sensei. B)

The Ninja Catalog

The title is correct.  Inside the Ninja Hideout is an exclusive catalog titled “Martial Artworks”!


Actually, take a look through the entire catalog by clicking the following link:

That’s it for now on the ninja stuff.  I might make a page for it too, but who knows!  Remember to comment!



28 Responses to “Secret Ninja Hideout and How to Beat Sensei”

  1. gabriellamarch54 said


  2. Purpur5222 said

    thx nice site

  3. 446redman said

    how do you get to the fast path like sensie said in the newspaper!!!!!!!

    Lopidilus: To take the fast path you have to go out to a local Toys R Us and buy a deck of Club Penguin cards. (Bummer right?) That is why I strongly recommend taking the long way.

  4. excellent site can i just say that you have to win 5 times on the mats and one in front of the sensai in competition mode to get a new belt, im now a yellow! i spend all my time in the dojo so if u want me as your friend you know where i am

  5. if u r a yellow belt can u play against and win against the sensai(tried loads of times) but does he feel sozzy for u and lets u win? plz tell me!

    Lopidilus: It is impossible to beat Sensei unless you are a Black Belt and have lost to him plenty of times.

  6. thanx its a great web site

  7. Whisper46 said

    cool site:) just one question!!! DO U HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO BUY ALL THE NINJA STUFF IN THE CATALOG????

    Lopidilus: Yes, you do have to be a member to buy all the items in the Ninja Catalog. The good news is that you can still wear your Black Belt and Ninja Mask. 😉

  8. Kepo3 said

    I am a black belt and i fought sensei like 20 times in a row and i haven’t won yet. How many tries did it take until you beat sensei lop?Plz plz plz tell me i really want to beat him and i want to know if he will let you win after a amount of battles or if you just have to beat him??!!??!!??!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😦 😦 😦 😦 You rock lop!

    Lopidilus: You have to keep losing to him 10 times in a row, without logging off in between and without quitting. 😀

  9. Love the website!
    Sunrise Moon

  10. Delgado262 said

    Cool Website. I have a question. Do you have to win 5 times in a row against your same belt to win?

    Lopidilus: Nope, you get the same experience each time you win no matter what belt you’re against. Also, it usually takes a few more wins than 5.

  11. BOWSER27273 said

    You’re right that you can beat him only when you have a black belt. I went on my friend’s file and I tryed to but he kept counteratacking. Guess what? Okay, I was fighting someone, he was going to win but I clicked the X butoon and the arrows showed up at the middle of the secreen. You know what happend? It showed me sensei and he told me I got the black belt! It was a really cool glitch. I got the belt like five days ago cause of that glitch.If you’re a ninja then invade cp. (rooms). I like going to crowded servers and go inside and I say lets atack the____________! It’s fun invading stuff. Try the hq if your an agent. It’s the best place to invade cause theres a lot of cameras in cp. Or just go and do some random things.

    Lopidilus: Lol, it sounds like fun. And awesome glitch by the way.

  12. there is said

    what is inside the book?

    Lopidiluis: Click the link below the picture to find out!

  13. Crystal said

    but are the things for members only or are they for everyone?

    Lopidilus: The things in the Martial Artwork catalog are for members only.

  14. maddy said

    HEY!!! HELP! How do I get the advanced cards? I mean the really cool ones! Not the ones that Sensei orginally gives you.

    Lopidilus: You have to buy those special cards at your local Toys R Us, Target, KB Toys, etc.

  15. Annonomous said

    I tried what you said BOWSER27273 and it worked…I was so sick of being a yellow belt..thx a mil

  16. Annonomous said

    oh yeah and Lop you have a great site

  17. Annonomous said

    oh yeah and here is a question..(Sorry for all the posts)
    Is it really hard to get the black belt or is there a cheat to get it right away?!

    Lopidilus: It’s not too hard to get the Black Belt, it’s just that it takes a long time. There is currently no cheat, but we may find one. PS: Comment as much as you like until all your questions are answered. 😀

  18. NINJA!! said

    Well I just got to ninja status after looking at this website, so thank u thank u thank u!! btw it took me 12 tries!!

  19. Annonomous said

    Very cool website,Thank You.Im now a black belt that didnt know how to beat SENSEI!!!!!!!!But I appreciate your website for all the INFO.

    Shmidtertism: We appreciate you for turning to us for your CP Info

  20. Annonomous said

    [PS:Can you reply back.]

  21. billy said


  22. HALEYBEAR404 said

    hi it was so helpful!

  23. cat1399 said

    i cant beat the sensi your meathed

  24. paul risden said

    to be a ninja you must be a black belt and you have to defeat the sensi in november at eney date

  25. finguin2 said


  26. finguin2 said

    to beat the sensi you must be a black belt

  27. Abby said

    OMG Thanks.

  28. Ninjadude said

    I defeated the sensei my 3rd try, and I’ve heard of people doing it their second, so no need to keep trying, try the combination: Fire water water, then just improvise 🙂

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