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Archive for the ‘Cheats’ Category

Vacation is Over!!!!!!=(

Posted by shmidtertism on January 6, 2009

Since Vacation is over, Lop and I are getting on our feet again.

So lets start this post off with the new Clothes Catalog!

This Catalog is fit for a dancer penguin!

All the new items will suit the Penguin Members Party!!!!!!

Speaking of Which this a sneak peek of the Member Party


Now this brings me to the new Pin, which is located in the Ski Lodge’s attic!





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Christmas Party Secrets and Spoilers!

Posted by lopidilus on December 20, 2008

Sup guys!  First off before I say anything, I’d like to thank Shmidtertism for making the two wonderful posts below while my computer was down.  Also, as you have heard, Budds1 is going to be an administrator on our site.  You may know him from Club Penguin and seeing one of his amazing igloo designs.

Party Secrets and Surprises!

The pary looks amazing.  The Club Penguin art department really out did themselves yet again.  There are plenty of fun things and interactive decorations  here are a few:

1.) At the Iceberg, there is a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree.  Click on it a few time for it to turn into the largest tree in Club Penguin!
charlie-brown-tree = charlie-brown-tree-2

At the Cove, there is a SunMaker 3000, obviously made by G!  Click the big red button to get the most magnificent penguin tan.

Like last year, the Forest has a photo booth where you can take a picture with Santa!  This is definately one of the favorites of many penguins.

In the newly decorated “Formal Pizza Parlor” you can play the harp by moving your mouse over it.

At the Ski Village, there is a giant snowman in the background.  You can click on the different layers of his body to change them!

The Club Penguin artists didn’t think we’d notice this but I did!  They used the same Christmas tree and presents image in Rockhopper’s Ship and in the Ski Lodge!
Ski Lodge                                              Rockhopper’s Ship
twin-tree1 twin-tree-2

Those were a few party secrets,  but there are many more beautiful decorations that you guys should check out for yourselves!  Merry Christmas!


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Rockhopper and Coins For Change!

Posted by lopidilus on December 12, 2008


Ah yes, it’s that time of year again.  The snow is falling, the carolers are caroling– more importantly, Rockhopper is here!

Yes, Club Penguin’s favorite Captain has pulled into port and he is here to make a difference!  He is hosting this year’s Coins For Change Event!

He has fully decked out The Migrator with tinsel and decorations to festively fit the occasion.  To find where you can donate, follow the signs!


Once you are there, click on the pot of coins to start donating.

Also, he brought some fabulous rare items aboard his ship including the Sailor’s Hat which was given out over two years ago!

How to Donate and Why

First of all you are probably wondering what Coins For Change is.  Well, the Coins For Change campaign encourages the kids who play Club Penguin to effect real change in the world.  The children can help by donating their virtual coins to one of three causes; Poor kids, Sick kids, and Kids with lost parents.  These donations will help decide how much of 1 million dollars will be spread between the three causes.  Club Penguin had a very successful outcome in doing this last year and hope to follow up again this year.

To donate your virtual coins, you have to log into Club Penguin and click on one of the three Coins For Change booths located at the Plaza, the Beach, and in the Captain’s Quarters.

Beach                                                                          Plaza                                                          Captain’s Quarters

beach plaza captains-quarters

After you click on the pot, you can pick which cause you would like to donate to.

Next, you pick the amount of your coins that you would like to donate.  You can donate as many times as you like as long as you have enough coins.  After you have finished your donation, you should receive a meaningful thankyou card.

Well, that’s about all the stuff you need to know.  Comment with any further questions.  I will update tomorrow with the new play and Better Igloo Secrets.

Happy Holidays


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Club Penguin Elite Force Command Room

Posted by lopidilus on November 24, 2008

Sup guys!  You’ll never guess what I received in the mail the other day!  I am one of the lucky people who got an early copy of the Club Penguin Elite Force video game for Nintendo DS!!!!!  I tore open the game and got the code so I could get into the Command Room from the HQ.  Obviously there was nobody in there but I enjoyed myself.  Here are some pictures!

After you enter the exclusive code from the Club Penguin Elite Force game, you have to go to the HQ.  Once you’re inside, click on the dresser in the right corner.

It will open up a secret passage to the Agent Command Room!  (Kinda like Narnia)

The room has many interactive features to it.  I squared all of the clickable parts in lime green.  If you hover your mouse over the Elite Force poster on the left the penguin will change it’s color!  If you click on the metal portal in the center of the table, a messy arrangement of coffee will appear.  If you click on the big screen TV, it will change its channel from a fire place, to a talk show, to a rainbow screen, etc.  And lastly, if you hover your mouse over the CD rack to the right, the discs will flip into the air and slide back on.

That’s about it in the Agent Command Room.  I hope some of you guys buy the game so you can join me because I’m kinda lonely. 😆  Well, good luck agents!


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Secret Ninja Hideout and How to Beat Sensei

Posted by lopidilus on November 20, 2008

Sup guys!  After many long hours of Jitsu, I have finally attained ninja status!


Before you become a ninja, you have to collect all the belts and then challenge Sensei, which I explained in more depth a few posts before.

How to Beat Sensei

Many of you have been wondering how to defeat Sensei after getting your Black Belt.  You may have gone against him multiple times and haven’t even scored a point.  That’s good because it is impossible to beat him until your tenth or so try.  After 5-10 matches of losing against him, HE WILL LET YOU WIN!  Try it!


Ninja Secret Hideout!

Are you not a ninja and have been dying to see what the hideout looks like?  Well look no more!


It’s a really cool place to hang out with fellow ninjas!  Speaking of fellow ninjas, look who I met….


Yup, it’s the original Beta Ninja…. Ninjaneal!!  I told him how to beat Sensei. B)

The Ninja Catalog

The title is correct.  Inside the Ninja Hideout is an exclusive catalog titled “Martial Artworks”!


Actually, take a look through the entire catalog by clicking the following link:

That’s it for now on the ninja stuff.  I might make a page for it too, but who knows!  Remember to comment!


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How to Get the Belts

Posted by lopidilus on November 17, 2008

Many of you have been wondering how to get the belts in Card Jitsu so I’ve made guide to show you how.

As you know, there are 9 belts.  They are ranked from least experienced to most experienced starting at the White Belt.

First off, you do not get a belt for winning only one match.  You only gain experience points from each match you win.  Once you gain enough experience points your belt rank will raise up one color.  There is currently no way to check your experience points, but expect there to be one in a little while.

There are three modes which you can play Card Jitsu.  Friend Mode, Competition Mode, and Sensei Mode.

Friend Mode: In this mode you can have a friendly competition with another penguin.  Just click on the blue mats in the Dojo to start.  You will gain minimun experience points for winning in this mode.

Competition Mode: Talk to Sensei and select this mode.  He will pair you up with another player of similar skill level to play against.  This is where you should go to earn the most experience points, although it is much tougher than Friend Mode.

Sensei Mode: You can challenge the Sensei whenever you want, even if you don’t have a belt!  I must warn you though, he is almost impossible to beat without the proper practice.  Also, if you defeat him when you have the Black Belt (level 9) he will reward you with special ninja items!

I hope this brief guide will assist you in becoming a Card Jitsu black belt, and most importantly becoming a ninja!



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Club Penguin Card Jitsu

Posted by lopidilus on November 17, 2008

Sup penguins!  We’ve been waiting for weeks and finally it is here!  At the Dojo, there are Card Jitsu stations set up for you to play on.  Sensei poofs in every few moments.  As you can see, I circled him in green.dojo-training

How do I play Card Jitsu?

Before you can start playing, you have to get a deck of cards.  You are probably thinking, “Rats! I can’t go out and buy a deck of CP cards!”  Well don’t worry.  Club Penguins starts everybody off with their own starter deck! 🙂  To get your starter deck, you must talk to Sensei inside the dojo.  Sensei will lecture you on how to play Card Jitsu.

Once you are done with your important conversation with Sensei, it automatically starts you up into a game of Jitsu.  “Bow to your opponent!”

As you play your cards, your penguin powers up with the element featured upon it.  For example, if you use a fire type card, you blast your opponent with a spray of hot sauce.

What do I get when I win?

Every game you play in Club Penguin you earn coins, right?  Well not in Card Jitsu!  Instead you compete for different colored belts ranked as follows:

Overall, Card Jitsu is an amazingly fun and an instant classic.  Club Penguin’s workers have expressed their greatest potential so far in the field of art.

Dojo Courtyard

The Dojo is finally FULLY dug out and it looks fantastic!  You can see it from the Dojo Courtyard.

Do you see the door at the bottom left of the screen where my penguin’s arm is pointing?  Well, to get in there you have to get the Black Belt from Card Jitsu and then beat Sensei in a battle to become a Ninja!  Then you can enter the exclusive ninja room!

Good luck and have fun Ninjas!


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Dig Out the Dojo!

Posted by lopidilus on November 3, 2008

Sup Penguins!  Have you seen the dojo lately?  Well here’s a look.
You heard it here first!  There is now a path to the outside of the Dojo! Pick up a free mining helmet to help.  Outside of the Dojo, it looks like this.
For some reason, we are trying to dig out the dojo.  Who is that sketchy penguin you ask?  It is currently unknown who he is and why he is here.  Here’s what comes up if you click on him.
Strange, isn’t it?  The ninja story is slowly unraveling before us.  I can tell you one thing.  This guy is a ninja master, and has a lot to do with the recent ninja sightings.  Is that a gray color I see on him?  Be prepared for the release of it!  Like i told you in the previous post, he may be an upcoming Club Penguin character like Aunt Arctic, or Rockhopper.

Other News:
Club Penguin has changed their map!!  The places on it are now bulgier and more detailed.  The rooms are also placed a little differently too.  Personally, I like the old map better, but tell us what you think!

Please Comment!!!!

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Unlimited Furniture Cheat! (Fixed 11/15/08)

Posted by lopidilus on October 26, 2008

Sup guys!  I just became a member again two days ago.  Well, today I was editing my igloo and found the greatest furniture glitch ever.  My computer was going really slow and I wanted to take out all of my White Rugs really quickly.  So, I did the following as fast as I could for about 16 times:
1.) Go into edit igloo mode.
2.) Open the item box.
3.) Click the section of items (furniture, rugs, walls, etc) that the item is grouped in.
4.) Click on the item you want taken out.
5.) Repeat steps 2-4 as fast as you possibly can for as long as you want.
After you’ve done all the steps correctly, there
will be a large amount of the selected item in your igloo. Your furniture inventory will now have a negative number of that item.

The best thing is, that once you are in the negatives, you can take out as much of that item as you want from then on.  Check out more cheats like this on our cheats and tips page

This cheat was discovered by me, Lopidilus, on 10/26/08 (my birthday!).  Do not take this cheat and claim that you discovered it.  I can tell if you took the cheat from my site by looking at my viewer map.  If you want to post this cheat on your site, you have to say it was by Lopidilus and you have to post a link back to my site.  If not, you are in violation of my Copyright and I will report your blog to WordPress.


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Unlock Items

Posted by lopidilus on October 24, 2008

Sup guys!  As you know, today is the day!  The anniversary, the new pin, the live party in New York, and the day the NEW TOYS ARE OUT!  If you have purchased a toy, here is how you can enter the code now.

Once you click the “Unlock Items” banner in the top right, it should take you to the login screen.  Log in.

Now it will ask you an opinion on which way you have to unlock the items.  If you have the code from a toy, pick the one on the right.  If you have a book, pick the one on the left.

When you pick the “I have a code” selection, it is pretty strait forward from there.  But, if you select the “I have a book” option, it will ask you a complicated question to verify that you own the book.  The question will be something like this, but it is different for every time you check.

Have fun with your unlocked items!  Oh, and if you don’t have any Club Penguin books or toys you can purchase them here.


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