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Archive for the ‘Sneak Peeks’ Category

This category holds all of the sneak peeks of new catalogs, new stages, new rooms, etc.

Vacation is Over!!!!!!=(

Posted by shmidtertism on January 6, 2009

Since Vacation is over, Lop and I are getting on our feet again.

So lets start this post off with the new Clothes Catalog!

This Catalog is fit for a dancer penguin!

All the new items will suit the Penguin Members Party!!!!!!

Speaking of Which this a sneak peek of the Member Party


Now this brings me to the new Pin, which is located in the Ski Lodge’s attic!





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Club Penguin Upcoming Events

Posted by lopidilus on December 3, 2008

Sup guys!  You may have noticed that I haven’t posted for a bit and I haven’t been respoding to all the comments.  I am very sorry, but I have been extremely busy these past few days and will remain busy until the end of the week.  My sports teams and school work take up most of my days but I’ll try to see around it.

Now, here are somethings in Club Penguin that you can look forward to!
There are new items added to the treasure book!!!

View it here:

The new treasure book items are Christmas themed and some are rare.  They brought back the Santa Beard and the Pirate Shoes, and I had both of them.

There will also be a new mission coming out later in December.  As you can see in the sneak peek picture below, Rookie will be featured in the mission.  Need help becoming an agent?  View our PSA Stuff page!

Lastly, this Friday there will be a new Penguin Style Catalog!  Expect holiday clothing and fun!  In the picture below I pointed out the flippers on what looks like a snowman costume for penguins to wear!

Well, that’s it for the upcoming events.  I may post more news from the new newspaper tomorrow but I may not because I’m very busy.  Stay tuned!


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10,000 Hits Party!

Posted by lopidilus on November 27, 2008

Well, we finally made it!  10,000 hits baby, and in record time!  Because of this magnificent accomplishment, we are going to throw a party!  Check out the invitation below:

If you can’t see the picture….

Date: Saturday November 29, 2008

Time: 9:30am-10:30am PST (Penguin Standard Time)

Server: Fjord

Room: Meet in the Mine at 9:30

Activities: We will parade around the island, then will party in the Night Club, after that we will chill out in Shmidtertism’s igloo, then we will head to the Lodge Attic to play some Find Four!  Added Bonus: During the party, if you can beat me in a game of Find Four, I will send you a free Club Penguin Membership. After you beat me, send me an email to telling me what the name of your penguin was and what color you were so I know that it’s you. Then I will reply to you with the membership code.

Help us advertise!

If you have your own blog, copy the following code and paste it into one of your posts!

<a href=””></a><a href=””><img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-916″ title=”10000-hits-party-final-advertisement” src=”; alt=”10000-hits-party-final-advertisement” width=”670″ height=”452″ /></a>

If you are part of a forum, like Dock Penguins, Dojo Penguins, or CPHQ, you can copy the following code and put it in your signature!


Sounds fun, right?  We hope all of you can make it so we can party our flippers off and so you can have a chance at winning the FREE MEMBERSHIP!


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Club Penguin Elite Force Command Room

Posted by lopidilus on November 24, 2008

Sup guys!  You’ll never guess what I received in the mail the other day!  I am one of the lucky people who got an early copy of the Club Penguin Elite Force video game for Nintendo DS!!!!!  I tore open the game and got the code so I could get into the Command Room from the HQ.  Obviously there was nobody in there but I enjoyed myself.  Here are some pictures!

After you enter the exclusive code from the Club Penguin Elite Force game, you have to go to the HQ.  Once you’re inside, click on the dresser in the right corner.

It will open up a secret passage to the Agent Command Room!  (Kinda like Narnia)

The room has many interactive features to it.  I squared all of the clickable parts in lime green.  If you hover your mouse over the Elite Force poster on the left the penguin will change it’s color!  If you click on the metal portal in the center of the table, a messy arrangement of coffee will appear.  If you click on the big screen TV, it will change its channel from a fire place, to a talk show, to a rainbow screen, etc.  And lastly, if you hover your mouse over the CD rack to the right, the discs will flip into the air and slide back on.

That’s about it in the Agent Command Room.  I hope some of you guys buy the game so you can join me because I’m kinda lonely. 😆  Well, good luck agents!


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Club Penguin Stage Sneak Peek

Posted by lopidilus on November 13, 2008

Sup guys!  You may have read in last week’s newspaper that the play writers at the Stage are experiencing a writer’s block.  Well, next Friday, the newest stage will finally be released!  Here’s a sneak peek.

Keep viewing our site!


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Club Penguin Clothing Sneak Peek

Posted by lopidilus on November 5, 2008

Sup guys!  The new Penguin Style and Big Wig catalogs are coming out on Friday.  Make sure you buy all the Halloween costumes before it’s too late!  Here is the picture.

The highly popular fur boots are coming back, along with the year old Green and Red Sweatshirts.

There are also fireworks at the Iceberg and the Mountain today and tomorrow!!  They are in celebration of Election Day here in the US and Guy Fawkes Day in the UK.

Other News: Make sure you guys vote in the weekly poll on the left sidebar!  I try to update it every Friday/Saturday.  We will soon be having a contest and we would like to know what you want to win.  Also, we will soon have a hits party! (Maybe at 6,000 or 7,000 hits!)

Keep Commenting!!! 😀


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New Space Adventure Sneak Peek

Posted by lopidilus on October 8, 2008

Sup guys!  As you may know, the new play at the Stage, which is a sequel to Space Adventure, will be opening this Friday!  Expect to see different kinds of aliens and the return of Tin Can 3000! (The Robot Costume)  Here’s a picture.



Other Stuff:  I have decided that I will make a new page featuring all things that have to do with the PSA (Penguin Secret Agency.)  I will make mission tutorials, written and video, and I will post swf files of the F.I.S.H and Mission Folder.  I may somehow tie in Ninjas too. 😉


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New Fair Items!! (and clothing catalog sneak peak)

Posted by lopidilus on October 1, 2008

Sup guys!  The new fall fair items were released today!  Here’s a picture.

The Paddle Ball is a repeat from last year, but the Blue Cotton Candy and the Carousel Background are new!  (Both of my guesses were right, YES!!)  Sadly there are no hidden items like last year and there are no new items in the member prize booth (sorry members 😦 )  Another sad thing is that the Grab and Spin is closed down so they can fix the ticket glitch. 😦

As you may know, Halloween is coming up, so Club Penguin will be releasing the usual clothing catalogs filled with Halloween Costumes which you can only get during this month!  So if you are a member, buy all of them because they won’t be back in the November catalog.  Here is the sneak peek!

It looks like a new wig!  Maybe it will be a Mad Scientist wig!?!?  Also,  there may be a Frankenstein costume coming out too!  Stay Tuned! – Lop

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New Toys Coming Soon

Posted by lopidilus on September 30, 2008

Sup guys!  As I had said in the 3 days earlier, there will be a  new line of  Club Penguin plush toys released in the stores on October 24th.  The toys will come with a special code that you can enter online to receive exclusive items for your penguin!

I also found a fixed link to the sneak peek so here it is.

Here is a picture of most of the frost removed.

(Click it to view it larger.)  It is pretty obvious that the silhouettes are the different toys that will be released.  Also, about the Viking Toy Sweepstakes, it will be back up and running and you will be able to enter again on October 3rd.  Apparently I was right, CP wanted to be the first ones to tell about the toys and the contest before us….typical. :/

Also, the plaza on Club Penguin was just decorated so you should check it out.  Stay tuned and tell your friends! – Lop

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Fall Fair Sneak Peek

Posted by lopidilus on September 24, 2008

Sup guys!  I have yet another sneak peek of the highly anticipated Fall Fair which will arrive Thursday, September 25 and leave on Sunday, October 5.  The pictures below are a comparison between the towns of the first Fall Fair and the upcoming one.

1.  Old Fall Fair Pic                                                   2.  New Fall Fair Pic

There are a lot of differences between them that are hard to notice.  Try to guess all four of them.  Remember to comment and stay tuned.  Oh, and I have also been updateing the pins page and will hope to finish it this long weekend. – Lop

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