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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

Also known as the Lazy Category

Lily Pin and New Sports Catalog

Posted by shmidtertism on January 31, 2009

Hey, Penguins!!!

There is a new pin in Clubpenguin. It is a Lily.

To get the Pin:

1. Go to the Light House

2. Go to the Top of the Light House

3. “Click” on the Lily, in the lower right hand corner, and now you have your new pin!


Also, Club Penguin released a new Sports Catalog with all new winter sports





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New Pin, also what really happened to Lop!

Posted by shmidtertism on January 18, 2009

So the New Pin is a Taco!!!! Located at the Snow Forts!!!!!!!






As You all know, I (Shmidtertism) have been doing most of all the posts recently! Lop has taken a little break because of school and sports! He just can’t find the time to get on CP! Do not fear, for Lop will soon being posting his heart out as soon as he gets some free time!

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Member’s Dance Partttttyyyyy!!!!!

Posted by shmidtertism on January 15, 2009

Alrighty, the new year’s first party since new years is  the Member’s Party, which Club Penguin decided to throw a Dance Party!!!!!!!!!!

So where else should the party take place but then the Dance Lounge!

No once you walk in you notice Penguins break dancing!!!! awesome I know!!!

No to break dance you have to walk to the lower left corner into the box to get a boombox!


Another thing you might notice when you walk in is the giant plasma thats says ” Welcome whoever” well thats a new addition that’s pretty cool! try and get it to say your name! I did!


Lastly is the new room! for members only! sorry non-members!
Its a really cool room!


Hey, Budds1 gotcha’ in this one!

Tomorrow I will have the Location of the new pin!



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We’re Still Alive

Posted by lopidilus on December 31, 2008

Long time no see!  No, Shmidt and I are not dead.  We were just taking a bit of time off.  We will try to get back up and running in a bit.  I just wanted to say we are still here.


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Christmas Party 08 !!!! or to be politically correct, Holiday Party 08 !!!

Posted by shmidtertism on December 19, 2008

So the annual Christmas Party is back!!!

This Party always brings back presents in honor of the up coming holiday!

So lets start the walk-through with the Santa Hats! You can find these hats at the Snow Forts!


Next you can find the Santa’s Beard at the Ski Village!


And the Pin, which is a Christmas Present, is located in the Ski Lodge!!!


And Club Penguin changed the Ice Rink back to its normal self!! I would go check that out just in case its not around as long as last time.

I would like to remind all of you that a “Better Igloos” catalog was released. This catalog has alot of cool furniture such as snow fort parts!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!


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Rumored changes to Insanepenguins!

Posted by shmidtertism on December 14, 2008

Lopidilus and I have been talking, and We have been thinking of making a few changes! Good ones!

1. If you have noticed, We have a blog under our blogroll. That blog consists of Lopidilus, the cool guy, and ,a good friend, Budds1. They have recently started a new blog. In saying that, We were thinking of joining those two great blogs into one awesome one!

2. The name would change to “Clubpenguinators” or                                    “Insane Clubpenguinators” , that one sounds wierd. Either of those are a much better name then “Lopidilus and Shmidtertism’s Club Penguin Cheats”, lol.

and finally

3. You would have to make a big welcome to our new author, Budds1!!!! This would give ,us, the authors much more time and organization to make this blog great! We would be able to update you with the latest information from Clubpenguin on the day it comes out.

As stated at the begining of this Post, This is all an idea. We still have to get Budds1 to agree and see if we actually want to change all that.

Lopidilus and I want to see the viewers responses! so please respond saying any pros or cons about this change.

Please Comment!!!!


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Snow and Sports Catalog Secrets

Posted by lopidilus on November 28, 2008

Finally, after 3 months, Club Penguin has come out with a new Snow and Sports catalog.  Personally, I think it is their best one yet!  There were only a couple hidden items but you shouldn’t worry because there are plenty of brand new ones and rare ones, like the Red and Blue Hockey Jerseys!

The cover:


You can find the Silver Surfboard by first clicking on the Flame Surfboard.

Next, click the starfish followed by the shell, then lookat the surfboard.  I marked the picture with numbers.

Lastly, the Daisy Surfboard will turn into the Silver Surfboard.  Buy it!

To find the Pommel Horse click on the “N” on the Sports FurNiture page.

That’s all for the hidden items.  Make sure you check out the regular items too.  Also, come to our 10,000 hits party.  Read more about it here: Party Info.


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New Pin

Posted by rrockyf26 on November 7, 2008


The New Pin is located at the Forest in the lower half of the screen.


As you can see above, The New pin is a shovel. The shovel is associated with the digging out of the Dojo!



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RockHopper Returns!!!

Posted by rrockyf26 on October 18, 2008


Just to state the obvious here, Rockhopper has returned with new items, He brought along the Eye Patch as a free item!







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Viking Penguin Contest (Over)

Posted by lopidilus on October 4, 2008

Sup guys!  The Viking Penguin Sweepstakes is back up and running again!  If you do not know, Club Penguin is holding a contest in which they will give away 1,000 Viking Penguin plush toys.  All you have to do is enter and you have a chance to win!  If you would like to enter, click the following link.

Once you open the link, click on the circle in the bottom right that says to enter.

Now enter your name, age, and email address so they can send you a Parental Approvement Form.  Ask a parent to fill it out.  It looks like this.

Now you just submit and your done.

Good luck everyone! – Lop

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