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Cheats and Tips

Make easy money on DJK3 game- Start the game and leave it on for around 5 minutes without doing anything.  After 5 minutes you should have over 200 easy coins.

Aqua Grabber free bubbles- When you go to play the aqua grabber, bring your pink puffle with you and it will usually give you an air bubble when you are in need of air.

Move around while playing find four- Go to the ski lodge to play find four.  It will ask you yes or no if you want to play.   Right click right after you click yes.  Now if you click on anything that the hand icon appears on, you can move there.  I am trying to find a way to leave the room while you’re playing but for now I can’t.

How to tip the iceberg- You can’t.

How to get on the side of the Town- Click to the left of the town like you are going to the dock, but click on your mail right after you start moving.  Wait for a few seconds then close your mail.  You should now be standing outside the boundarys of the Town.  This cheat also works in other venues other than the town.

Nubbing- Not as easy as it once was.  Go into a room for example the dojo.  Now click on the bottom right corner of the screen right next to the chat box.  Then click on the left side.  Then the right again and so on until all you can see left of your penguin is the tip of its head.  then you can sit down to get even lower.  There is also a new way that I just discovered but it would be considered against Club Penguin rules so I can’t say.

Faster way to log in- If you want to get into a server that is full you usually keep logging off then back in until it is accessible.  But, if you go to  you can quickly log in and out without having to go to the usually lagging CP homepage.

Jet Pack Adventure Super Award- Beat Jet Pack Adventure without collecting a single coin to get a 1000 coin bonus.  Tip: Use up all of your fuel before completing a level.

Alternate Pizza Tron 3000 Mode- At the beggining screen, flip the switch on the machine so it is pointing to the desserts.  You will now be making dessert pizzas when you start.

Surf with red puffle- To surf with your red puffle, play Catchin’ Waves while you are walking your puffle.  He helps you by scoring you a few points.

Tips for Sled Racing- Try to keep you penguin in the middle of the slope most of the time so you can easily maneuver around.  Also make sure you are not the same color as one of your competitors.

Unlimited Furniture (Fixed)Do the following steps to have an unlimited amount of one or more furniture items.
1.) Go into edit igloo mode.
2.) Open the item box.
3.) Click the section of items (furniture, rugs, walls, etc) that the item is grouped in.
4.) Click on the item you want taken out.
5.) Repeat steps 2-4 as fast as you possibly can for as long as you want.
After completion, you should have a pile of the selected item in your igloo, and in your furniture inventory there should be a negative amount of the item selected.


17 Responses to “Cheats and Tips”

  1. lopidilus said

    Hey, if you guys have any other cheats, tips, or glitches, leave them in a comment! 😉

  2. […] Cheats and Tips […]

  3. Stoony said

    The unlimited furniture cheat is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent used it yet, but it is still AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kepo3 said

    OMG I love the new cheat I like used it 5000000 times!:)

    You Rock Lop

  5. toejuice said

    hmmm let me see o when u play final four press the mail thingy then exit out of it then u can go around any were

  6. BOWSER27273 said

    Ihave one. Click on the newspaper and then press tab until theres a yellow bow over the chatbox. You can now type stuff while holding the newspaper but you can’t send it.

  7. BOWSER27273 said

    I have one. Open up the Newspaper, go to the place where Aunt Arctic tells you to send jokes and stuff. Click on one, don’t type anything in it but send it. Go to the Home Page. Press the tad button and it’ll apear over the Chat Box. Type in anything and send it. Everybody will see it.

  8. BOWSER27273 said

    Here’s one (but I think it might be against the rules): go on an ultimate safe chat server, go to the Dance Club, press tab until the yellow box is over the igloo icon, click on the new game, it should disapear, click tab once and it’ll be on the igloo, when your about to go up to the game, press tab, you’ll be in your igloo and click yes to play the game, then keep clicking X until one song is over. You’ll be getting the same amount coins but you’ll have to log off because you can’t exit the game but you have to keep clicking X or the quit button. That was long.

  9. hazooma2 said

    here is on(first press t then open the newspaper then stay on pressing tab until it comes on the snowballshooter press enter ,thats it .just see wat will happen and u will know wat going on.

  10. My comment on number 8 doesn’t work anymore.:{ It’s `cause of the updates for the Fiesta party or whatever it was called. It was a cool cheat. ;(

  11. Leters said

    I used it and i had 68 red plushe sofas

  12. dude said

    i already knew the unlimited furniture cheat. but its still AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i use it

  13. margard8 said

    this website is awesome! u guys r awesome! the new cheat works! i used it about a trillion times and i have about a trillion dollars!

  14. Wat new Cheat

  15. Idk said

    doesnt work

  16. SEBUCATER4 said

    post a few mor cheats

  17. SEBUCATER4 said

    u gus have the best cheats in the world

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