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Join the Family!

Join the Lopidilus Family (pretty much a fan club lol).  In this so called family, you can party with me in Club Penguin.  I randomly pop into my favorite servers (Frozen, Sub Zero, Fjord) and make either a line or a crowd.  It’s a lot of fun.  To join the family, all you do is view this page and leave a comment! (Now was that so hard?)  I will also post some pictures of the Lopidilus Family at it’s best.  And if you don’t really understand, just email me ( or leave a comment.  Welcome to the Family!

Here is the list of the members starting with the first ones:

  1. Stoony
  2. Budds1
  3. Toejuice
  4. Hipichanguin
  5. Bowser27273
  6. Kepo3
  7. Teddybear123
  8. Duckduck1234
  9. Incinerator1
  10. Emmiepx (Emzie987)
  11. Sharp Ninja
  12. Donnuh
  13. Splaterso13
  14. Dude 50000
  15. Bhoy 7
  16. Sterio Boy (Hazooma2)


31 Responses to “Join the Family!”

  1. Stoony said

    you got me in the picture next to you! he:) he:)

  2. rrockyf26 said

    Nice Idea! Dang I’m turned around but you can barely make out the idt in shmIDTism.

  3. OPO said

    im in he pic toejuice woot

  4. i join the family

  5. Kepo3 said

    i want to join the family too your site and you are so cool

  6. Kepo3 said

    i just love this site but i cant do a few cheats and can you figure out how to get on top of buldingss

    Lopidilus– Sorry dude. I know how but I can’t say because it’s a hack and it’s against CP rules. 😦

  7. toejuice said

    dude long time no see

  8. Greenmcfeen4 said

    hey. ur site is cool. i luv it. ROCK ON!

  9. lopidilus said

    Hey thanks! It’s fans like you who keep us working! 😉

  10. Duckduck1234 said

    Its a hack the building one ine i do dat all da time



  11. I will join!

  12. BOWSER27273 said

    Didn’t I join your family a few months ago? I think i did. That crowd/line in the pictures make you look like your a famous penguin.

    Lopidilus: Yeah you did. You were one of the first members. Actually, this just gave me a great idea! I’m going to make a list of the people in the family starting with the first ones!

  13. emmiepx said

    I will join and guess what I have made a page on you as you are a famous penguin. ( I think you are as you have loads of hits)

    Lopidilus: Thanks and welcome to the family!

  14. emmiepx said

    Oh ps my penguin name is Emzie987

  15. emmiepx said

    yay I a member of the family

  16. Sharp Ninja said

    I wanna be a member of the family!

  17. Kepo3 said

    Yay on your list I am number 5!

  18. likerofknowledge1 said

    can i join?
    my cp name is donnuh

  19. rrockyf26 said

    you just did by commenting, lol,
    ps cool name

  20. splaterso13 said

    hello, its me splaterson13 and i love ur site and i was kinda wondering if i could mabey like join ur site team mabey

    Lopidilus: Of course you can. I just added you on the list. 😀

  21. Dude 50000 said

    i’m in the family

  22. Bhoy7 said

    hi im a black belt soo happy so can i join the family plz


  23. mike said

    i want to join the family because this site and u rocks!

    Shmidtertism:Anyone can join the family!

  24. sterio boy said

    can i join the family


    Shmidtertism: Yes you can!

  25. sterio boy said

    ps:hazooma2 is my penguin name

    Shmidtertism: That’s a cool penguin name!

  26. sterio boy said

    hazooma2 is my penguin

  27. sterio boy said

    you rock

  28. Budds1 said

    kurplunk hi you dont really update it, sorry for saying that

  29. dude said

    you rock

  30. Tea pine said


  31. Tea pine said


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