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PSA Stuff

Hello.  This page is all about Club Penguin Secret Agents.  It contains info on: becoming an agent, getting a spy phone, using the spy phone, mission tutorials, a brief history of the PSA, and cool, top-secret pictures!!!

Become a secret agent
The HQ

Mission Info

Become a secret agent

YOUR PENGUIN MUST BE 30 DAYS OLD.  Log into Club Penguin.  Click on the shiny badge with an “M” on it in the top right corner.  To get the spy phone, answer all of the questions correct.  Here are the answers.
1.)  Honest
2.)  Being mean or rude
3.)  Report them
4.)  Saying their address
5.)  I want to keep Club Penguin safe
6.)  I want to help other penguins

After you finish, you should receive a letter that looks like this.

Also, the next time you log on that penguin, a spy phone will be in your inventory!

The HQ

Also known as the Headquarters.  The HQ is the typical hangout for Penguin Secret Agents.  Here, you can access all 24 rooms of Club Penguin from the overhead screens, you can read the FISH (Factual Informative Spy Handbook), and most importantly you can go on missions!

You can access the HQ by teleporting there using your spy phone or by using the secret entrance in the Sport Shop.  As you can see in the picture above, there is usually important information posted on the bulletin board.  The HQ did not always look as nice and flashy as it does now…..

Yeah, pretty much nothing to do there but hang out.  It’s a good thing they made it cooler.  The worst part was that there wasn’t a cool door!

Mission Info

Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

Under Construction!


7 Responses to “PSA Stuff”

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  5. BOWSER27273 said

    Can I post the code for the command room on here lopidilus?

    Yeah, that would be great

  6. BOWSER27273 said

    Aunt Arctic is the director. Look at the Night Club at the boxes or whatever they’re called and you’ll see her initials in Spy Code. Also on the page that (in the Fish book at HQ) tells you the code, look at the letter past Z and click it. And to my last comment: sorry but I didn’t know that there were multiple codes that were different so it means that I used the code.

  7. Leters said

    That was so easy!!!!!!]

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