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New Clothes Catalog

Posted by shmidtertism on February 7, 2009

Hey Penguins,

 Today in Club Penguin, The new Clothes Catalog was released with all new clothes. For all the new penguins, you can find the Clothes catalog at the Gift Shop in the Town.

This new catalog has plain shirts for a nice casual look.


Some secrets are:


Click on the “S” in T-Shirts for the Spikester hair dew.


Click in between the E and N in Penguins to get the Spikette hair dew.


Click in the flower pot to get a Red Vikings helmet, and if you close and re-open that red viking helmet 3 times, it will as a blue vikings helmet.


When you click the Snowman’s face you will get a Yellow Scarf


Now if you click the A in Clearance you will get a Pink Pom-Pom Hat

And Finally,


If you click the A you will get a Red hoodie

Those are all the secrets I found.




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Winter Fiesta!!!!!!

Posted by shmidtertism on January 23, 2009

Winter Fiesta!!!!!!!!!!


As you can see in Club Penguin there are many decorations such as pinatas!!!! That can only mean one thing Winter Fiesta!


So far in this Fiesta, you can only get 1 free item which is another Sombrero!


You can find this at the Cove in the top right corner!


And Up close…..




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New Pin, also what really happened to Lop!

Posted by shmidtertism on January 18, 2009

So the New Pin is a Taco!!!! Located at the Snow Forts!!!!!!!






As You all know, I (Shmidtertism) have been doing most of all the posts recently! Lop has taken a little break because of school and sports! He just can’t find the time to get on CP! Do not fear, for Lop will soon being posting his heart out as soon as he gets some free time!

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Time for an extremely long post

Posted by rrockyf26 on December 5, 2008

The Title says it all!

Today in CP, the Clothing Catalog came out and as Lop guessed there is a Snowman costume.

Some of the hidden images are :


Click all four lights until they light up and then a yellow scarf should appear!


Now click the top of the tree to get a Russian Hat


Now you click on the Red Penguin’s face to get a red viking helmet and you can close then re-open it three times to get a blue viking helmet.


hidden-image-red-viking-helmet-2Now, you click the lighthouse in the foggy background to get a Red Hoodiehidden-image-red-hoodie-1


If you click the Pink Swimmer’s flipper, you can get a Black Superhero Mask


Finnaly the Last One!

If you click the “60 Coins per background”, you get a Black Scuba Divers Mask



Now, after all that I just want to announce, if you didnt already know, that Rockhopper is returning. You can look at his Ship through the telescope at the Light House!

The new pin came out and its located at the pet shop!


The Pin is the Snow Forts!



Try to Enjoy ALL of that information,


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Snow and Sports Catalog Secrets

Posted by lopidilus on November 28, 2008

Finally, after 3 months, Club Penguin has come out with a new Snow and Sports catalog.  Personally, I think it is their best one yet!  There were only a couple hidden items but you shouldn’t worry because there are plenty of brand new ones and rare ones, like the Red and Blue Hockey Jerseys!

The cover:


You can find the Silver Surfboard by first clicking on the Flame Surfboard.

Next, click the starfish followed by the shell, then lookat the surfboard.  I marked the picture with numbers.

Lastly, the Daisy Surfboard will turn into the Silver Surfboard.  Buy it!

To find the Pommel Horse click on the “N” on the Sports FurNiture page.

That’s all for the hidden items.  Make sure you check out the regular items too.  Also, come to our 10,000 hits party.  Read more about it here: Party Info.


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Club Penguin Fairy Fables

Posted by lopidilus on November 21, 2008

Sup guys!  There is a new play at the Stage today called Fairy Fables.  It is about a story told by the story telling fairy named Twee….. but enough of that!  Let’s get to the good stuff!

Fairy Fables

There is obviously a new Costume Trunk catalog so I’m here to give you the scoop.  Here is the very detailed cover.

On the first two pages there is a description of the play and you can buy the outfit of Twee.  Click on the boombox to find the Silver Wand.

There are three other cool characters who have awesome costumes you can buy!  There is the Prince Redhood, Big Bad Wool, and Grumpunzel.

And lastly, there is a Fairy Fables Background on the second to last page.

Enjoy the play and be sure to use the Switchbox 3000 which is loaded with plenty of new special effects and triggers!

New Pin

Along with Fairy Fables, a new pin came out today.  It is called the Snowflake Tile pin and you can find it at the Beach.  It is related to the new game Card Jitsu.

Stay tuned for some brand new things on our blog!


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Clothing and Wig Catalog Cheats

Posted by lopidilus on November 8, 2008

Sup guys!  The new clothing and wig catalogs came out yesterday.  Sorry I’m a little late, but both of my computers were experiencing some difficulties.  I think I fixed them, but here are the hidden items.

Click the center of the giant snowflake to find the Pink Pom Pom Toque.

On the next page, click the tip of the tall tree to find the Russian Hat.

To find the Red Viking Helmet click on the face of the penguin in the Parka behind the snow forts.
red-viking-helmet1 red-viking-helmet-2
Open and Close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times to find the rarer Blue Viking Helmet!

On the following page, click on the star specified below to find the Black Superhero Mask.

Now here is something strange.  Turn to the Shoe Collection page and click on the ‘N’ to find the Black Scuba Mask.  The ‘N’ may stand for Ninja.  The Black Scuba Mask might be some sort of sacred item!

Click on the ‘N’ in Clearance to find the Mixed Bracelets.

Click the ‘N’ on the following Clearance page to find the Jade Necklace.

Now that you have the three ‘N’ items, (Black Scuba Mask, Mixed Bracelets, Jade Necklace) put them on to form the Sacred Ninja Outfit!  It looks like this:

There is also a new background:

Big Wigs

Sadly, this is the final Big Wigs Catalog.  All the wigs will be moved to the Penguin Style Catalog for next month.

The only hidden wig is the Spikette which you can find by clicking on the Spikester.

This concludes the November 2008 Penguin Style and Big Wigs Catalog cheats!


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Rockhopper’s Here + 3 Year Party Info

Posted by lopidilus on October 18, 2008

Sup guys.  Rockhopper arrived yesterday and brought three cool new items!

He also has a new To-Do list in his quarters.

3 Year Anniversary Info

I’ve got some BIG news.  Club Penguin will be hosting a real life 3rd anniversary party in New York Time Square!!  If you live close and want to recieve an invitation to go there, visit this link! Now you should be on a page that looks like this.

Click on the yellow button that I circled in red to possibly recieve an invite!  On the window that comes up, all you have to do is send in your parent’s email address to have a chance to win!  More info on the picture below.

Did you notice anything about the penguins in the pictures above?

THE NEW ITEMS!!  I’m sure that they will be giving out that party hat, a Club Penguin Shirt, and Balloons in Club Penguin, and at Times Square!  Pretty cool eh?  Just remember that if you do get an invitation, you have to bring it with you to get in!


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Halloween Costumes!!!

Posted by lopidilus on October 4, 2008

Sup Guys!  The new catalog was just released and I have all of the secrets and hidden items for you!

Click the pumpkin to find the red viking helmet.  Then close it and open it four times to discover the Blue Viking Helmet.

Once you have the Blue Viking Helmet on your screen, click on the yellow puffle to find the rarest of all Viking Helmets…. oooh shiny!

That ends the Viking Helmet search in this catalog.  It’s the first time since May 2007 that all of the helmets have been in the same catalog.

Click on the torch on the left to find the Super Hero Mask!  It was last seen in the Halloween catalog in 2006!

Click on the lighthouse to find the brand new Black Scuba Mask.

Click the pink flipper for the Mixed Bracelets.

Click the blue penguin’s wrist band to find the Jade Necklace.

Lastly for this costume catalog is the sneak peek from 2 posts ago.  I gussed it right on the money!:)  It is a “Rad” Scientist Wig and Costume.

Stay tuned! – Lop

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Upcomming Fall Fair Items

Posted by lopidilus on September 28, 2008

Sup guys!  I have some information about the items yet to come for the Fall Fair.  One of the items is going to be the Blue Cotton Candy.  Here is some evidence.

The blue squares indicate the Blue Cotton Candy evidence.  The bright green square is the sneak peek from a few weeks ago in case you remember.  Another item coming out will probably be the Carousel Background which I don’t have any pictures for.

Another item that should come out is a Balloon!  This is JUST AN OPINION by me, but you never know.  It may come out!

OTHER STUFF: The views are shooting up!  Yesterday morning we were in the low 800’s and now we are well over 1,000 hits.  If you have are logged into your WordPress account, you can subscribe to our site at the top right where it says blog info.  Also, be sure to view our other pages like the funny pictures ( which I updated yesterday.  Stay tuned!


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