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New Clothes Catalog

Posted by shmidtertism on February 7, 2009

Hey Penguins,

 Today in Club Penguin, The new Clothes Catalog was released with all new clothes. For all the new penguins, you can find the Clothes catalog at the Gift Shop in the Town.

This new catalog has plain shirts for a nice casual look.


Some secrets are:


Click on the “S” in T-Shirts for the Spikester hair dew.


Click in between the E and N in Penguins to get the Spikette hair dew.


Click in the flower pot to get a Red Vikings helmet, and if you close and re-open that red viking helmet 3 times, it will as a blue vikings helmet.


When you click the Snowman’s face you will get a Yellow Scarf


Now if you click the A in Clearance you will get a Pink Pom-Pom Hat

And Finally,


If you click the A you will get a Red hoodie

Those are all the secrets I found.




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Christmas Party Secrets and Spoilers!

Posted by lopidilus on December 20, 2008

Sup guys!  First off before I say anything, I’d like to thank Shmidtertism for making the two wonderful posts below while my computer was down.  Also, as you have heard, Budds1 is going to be an administrator on our site.  You may know him from Club Penguin and seeing one of his amazing igloo designs.

Party Secrets and Surprises!

The pary looks amazing.  The Club Penguin art department really out did themselves yet again.  There are plenty of fun things and interactive decorations  here are a few:

1.) At the Iceberg, there is a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree.  Click on it a few time for it to turn into the largest tree in Club Penguin!
charlie-brown-tree = charlie-brown-tree-2

At the Cove, there is a SunMaker 3000, obviously made by G!  Click the big red button to get the most magnificent penguin tan.

Like last year, the Forest has a photo booth where you can take a picture with Santa!  This is definately one of the favorites of many penguins.

In the newly decorated “Formal Pizza Parlor” you can play the harp by moving your mouse over it.

At the Ski Village, there is a giant snowman in the background.  You can click on the different layers of his body to change them!

The Club Penguin artists didn’t think we’d notice this but I did!  They used the same Christmas tree and presents image in Rockhopper’s Ship and in the Ski Lodge!
Ski Lodge                                              Rockhopper’s Ship
twin-tree1 twin-tree-2

Those were a few party secrets,  but there are many more beautiful decorations that you guys should check out for yourselves!  Merry Christmas!


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Christmas Party 08 !!!! or to be politically correct, Holiday Party 08 !!!

Posted by shmidtertism on December 19, 2008

So the annual Christmas Party is back!!!

This Party always brings back presents in honor of the up coming holiday!

So lets start the walk-through with the Santa Hats! You can find these hats at the Snow Forts!


Next you can find the Santa’s Beard at the Ski Village!


And the Pin, which is a Christmas Present, is located in the Ski Lodge!!!


And Club Penguin changed the Ice Rink back to its normal self!! I would go check that out just in case its not around as long as last time.

I would like to remind all of you that a “Better Igloos” catalog was released. This catalog has alot of cool furniture such as snow fort parts!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!


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Club Penguin Upcoming Events

Posted by lopidilus on December 3, 2008

Sup guys!  You may have noticed that I haven’t posted for a bit and I haven’t been respoding to all the comments.  I am very sorry, but I have been extremely busy these past few days and will remain busy until the end of the week.  My sports teams and school work take up most of my days but I’ll try to see around it.

Now, here are somethings in Club Penguin that you can look forward to!
There are new items added to the treasure book!!!

View it here:

The new treasure book items are Christmas themed and some are rare.  They brought back the Santa Beard and the Pirate Shoes, and I had both of them.

There will also be a new mission coming out later in December.  As you can see in the sneak peek picture below, Rookie will be featured in the mission.  Need help becoming an agent?  View our PSA Stuff page!

Lastly, this Friday there will be a new Penguin Style Catalog!  Expect holiday clothing and fun!  In the picture below I pointed out the flippers on what looks like a snowman costume for penguins to wear!

Well, that’s it for the upcoming events.  I may post more news from the new newspaper tomorrow but I may not because I’m very busy.  Stay tuned!


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Snow and Sports Catalog Secrets

Posted by lopidilus on November 28, 2008

Finally, after 3 months, Club Penguin has come out with a new Snow and Sports catalog.  Personally, I think it is their best one yet!  There were only a couple hidden items but you shouldn’t worry because there are plenty of brand new ones and rare ones, like the Red and Blue Hockey Jerseys!

The cover:


You can find the Silver Surfboard by first clicking on the Flame Surfboard.

Next, click the starfish followed by the shell, then lookat the surfboard.  I marked the picture with numbers.

Lastly, the Daisy Surfboard will turn into the Silver Surfboard.  Buy it!

To find the Pommel Horse click on the “N” on the Sports FurNiture page.

That’s all for the hidden items.  Make sure you check out the regular items too.  Also, come to our 10,000 hits party.  Read more about it here: Party Info.


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Dig Out the Dojo!

Posted by lopidilus on November 3, 2008

Sup Penguins!  Have you seen the dojo lately?  Well here’s a look.
You heard it here first!  There is now a path to the outside of the Dojo! Pick up a free mining helmet to help.  Outside of the Dojo, it looks like this.
For some reason, we are trying to dig out the dojo.  Who is that sketchy penguin you ask?  It is currently unknown who he is and why he is here.  Here’s what comes up if you click on him.
Strange, isn’t it?  The ninja story is slowly unraveling before us.  I can tell you one thing.  This guy is a ninja master, and has a lot to do with the recent ninja sightings.  Is that a gray color I see on him?  Be prepared for the release of it!  Like i told you in the previous post, he may be an upcoming Club Penguin character like Aunt Arctic, or Rockhopper.

Other News:
Club Penguin has changed their map!!  The places on it are now bulgier and more detailed.  The rooms are also placed a little differently too.  Personally, I like the old map better, but tell us what you think!

Please Comment!!!!

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Rockhopper’s Here + 3 Year Party Info

Posted by lopidilus on October 18, 2008

Sup guys.  Rockhopper arrived yesterday and brought three cool new items!

He also has a new To-Do list in his quarters.

3 Year Anniversary Info

I’ve got some BIG news.  Club Penguin will be hosting a real life 3rd anniversary party in New York Time Square!!  If you live close and want to recieve an invitation to go there, visit this link! Now you should be on a page that looks like this.

Click on the yellow button that I circled in red to possibly recieve an invite!  On the window that comes up, all you have to do is send in your parent’s email address to have a chance to win!  More info on the picture below.

Did you notice anything about the penguins in the pictures above?

THE NEW ITEMS!!  I’m sure that they will be giving out that party hat, a Club Penguin Shirt, and Balloons in Club Penguin, and at Times Square!  Pretty cool eh?  Just remember that if you do get an invitation, you have to bring it with you to get in!


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Portuguese Club Penguin!

Posted by lopidilus on October 14, 2008

Sup guys!  I just was about to log into CP when I noticed this!

You can switch Club Penguin to Portuguese!!  Everything from the newspapers, the catalogs, the signs, and even the entire site can be switched to Portuguese!  Check out the servers below!

I know, it’s super awsome!  It must have taken super long to finish.  Also, if you log in one of your penguins in a Portuguese server, its name is changed to ‘Penguin’ then it’s ID number!  Check out mine (Lopidilus)!

(Click to enlarge it)  Lol my ID number looks cool because it only consists of the digits 0, 1, and 2!  Be sure to check it out!


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Space Adventure: Planet Y!

Posted by lopidilus on October 10, 2008

Sup guys!  The new play at the Stage was released today.  There is a new script, a new costume catalog, and plenty of aliens!

There are no hidden items, but there is a new non-member background.

There was also a new pin released today which can be found in the Sport Shop.

Lastly, I have spotted Rockhopper in the distance!  Maybe he’ll make it for CP’s third birthday.

Be sure to view our new page of PSA Stuff. Stay Tuned!


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New Space Adventure Sneak Peek

Posted by lopidilus on October 8, 2008

Sup guys!  As you may know, the new play at the Stage, which is a sequel to Space Adventure, will be opening this Friday!  Expect to see different kinds of aliens and the return of Tin Can 3000! (The Robot Costume)  Here’s a picture.



Other Stuff:  I have decided that I will make a new page featuring all things that have to do with the PSA (Penguin Secret Agency.)  I will make mission tutorials, written and video, and I will post swf files of the F.I.S.H and Mission Folder.  I may somehow tie in Ninjas too. 😉


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